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Maxdmyz – Alchemical Metal – Dystopian Metal on Renegade Records – April 2017

RELEASE DATE: April 17, 2017
ep coverThe sound of Maxdmyz has always been built upon the principle of absolute freedom. They follow no orders, defy all expectations and respect no rules but their own. Armed with their palette of endless colours these sonic rebels have produced music as eclectic as it is explosive. They have poured emotion into a heart of steel, crafting a music machine driven by love, hate, rage and joy, sadness, regret and hope. This band can deliver a hammer blow with an iron fist, bewitch your body into a pulsing dance or simply obliterate you in a wall of cyber noise. All of this and more can be found on their latest release, the beguiling, untameable, impossible to cage Alchemical Metal.
Alchemical Metal takes every element of the Maxdmyz live show that has enthralled crowds from London to New York and blends them into a quicksilver potion of magical intensity. The voice of front man Twister leads you into a labyrinth of sound, a maze of spine shattering blast beats, convulsing bass, shimmering synths and riffs like a war machine. You’ll be enchanted and broken, raised up to dizzying heights of euphoria and crushed into the dirt of bitter, black despair. From a reason to live to down in the dirt, via hell…
How do you categorise a band like Maxdmyz? What genre tag do you tie to them? The truth is, that they simply will not be put in anyone else’s box and the only name that fits is one of their own making – Alchemical Metal; the collision of science and sorcery, the transformation of the mundane to the magical, base metal into gold. It’s time to try a new drug, take the path less travelled, leap into the dark and watch an array of colours explode around you. Live hard, live fast and feel every moment to the max. Alchemical Metal is here to take you on a new ride. Take a deep breath and hold on tight…


Front-Cover-The-hate-plane‘The Hate Plane’ featured in Inside Shock Magazine!
‘Bravura musicianship and a sympathetic production courtesy of Ays Kura give these diverse compositions a satisfying coherence, with one listen to ‘The Hate Plane’ amply demonstrating its wide-ranging texture, feel and integrity as Maxdmyz effortlessly traverse the genres.’!MAXDMYZ–THE-HATE-PLANE-NEW-ALBUM-OUT-18th-AUGUST-2014/c1884/DDF34F4E-2624-4D7C-B99C-CE36C4373A75


Another great review of The Hate Plane at MANIC MOSH

‘The classic PowerMetal sound comes surfacing once more on “AKA”; a riff-based tune that sports some muscular vocals with some high pitched modes. Material takes a completely different turn on the album’s single “Grieve”, displaying a more common interpretation of genres, merging some dark-edged Industrial music with the Nu PowerMetal thing. The set catapults back to the 90’s again with the clever “Nothing Ever Change”, coupling Metal and ominous PowerMetal with added blast-beats and dual vocalage, including semi-grunts and a regular voice in a style that resembles Mike Patton (Faith No More)’




Cosmic Hearse [EP]
September 2010
Released: 2010, Independent
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Listening to the new EP from the London based band Maxdmyz, I can hear a progression and growth within their sound. It’s a sound that has many influences, but holds its own and stands alone. There are some great technical and melodic aspects to the music. Ferocity combined with tension and release, creating ambiance that lets you collect your thoughts before the next onslaught of head banging goodness.

“Sayer” features an epic ending along with blistering lead playing from Skizzy. The drums are technical and keep time impeccably with a lot of feel and vibe from drummer Jamie. The Bass is locked in tight with a thunderous low frequency emerging from Moff, creating a river of low end to carry the ship on. Twisters’ vocals soar and sear in equal measure over the top, with some really unique and cascading vocal lines. This is top grade music coming from these guys.

My person favourite tracks were Cosmic Hearse and Sayer; I fully recommend checking these guys out.

(Review by Danny Draper)