Maxdmyz, June 2019. Photo by Tina Korhonen

MAXDMYZ is a London based 5-piece band consisting of Twister (vocals), Filon (guitars), Jay (drums), JNess (bass guitar) and Vortex (keyboards). The band is now well established on the UK scene having built its reputation over the years with stunning live performances and recording some of the most innovative and original alternative metal ever to come out of the UK music scene. Some of the band’s highlights include past collaboration with Eminem and also its last EP; the critically acclaimed Cosmic Hearse. The band’s influences are wide and varied, from Lou Reed and Black Sabbath, to Squarepusher, Pantera and 80’s electro pop – but what truly marks this band out is its musicianship and compositional excellence and the breadth and variety of its output.

Latest release Alchemical EP

To listen to All to Hell from the  Alchemical Metal EP, click below.

‘Alchemical Metal EP’ Digital/CD/T-shirts available from our BANDCAMP page