What’s the best review you’ve ever had? This one! Thanks to Zero Tolerance magazine…


august sept aero tol cover

So, yes, this is probably the best review we’ve ever had. A thousand thanks go to Chris Kee at Zero Tolerance magazine for writing up our gig at London’s recent Renaissance Alternative Music Festival at the Lounge. Our native modesty forbids us from quoting more than a few lines of course but we especially like the stuff about each band member “bringing a unique character” to their performance of “intoxicating” songs.

And I love the bit about the singer’s “hypnotic stage-front presence” but then I would wouldn’t I ;p.

More to the point, buy a copy of Zero Tolerance magazine, available from all good newsagents and read the bloody thing for yourselves. It’s packed with reviews and interviews and this month features the awesome Arch Enemy.

And last plug honest ~ visit www.maxdmyz.bandcamp.com to listen to (and we can only hope) buy a track or two… Go on,  go on, go on…

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