Filon – our new guitarist

We are pleased to announce that Filon (pronounced Phillon) has joined Maxdmyz on guitar in place of Roger Kirchner. Here’s a short video…

We just wanted to say a huge thank you to Roger for his contributions in the last two years, especially his outstanding work on the Alchemical Metal EP, which featured some truly epic playing and excellent composition on his part.

The solo to Reason to Live, among many other highlights, will stay with us forever – fluent, technical, accomplished and wonderfully inspired – so thanks for that and the rest, Hoschi, you’re a unique talent, and we’re privileged to have rocked with you.

Click for links to Roger’s current projects, Apophis, death metal at its finest, and the quality melodic metal of Beatrock.

But, to the future, and we are already incredibly impressed by the remarkable talent we’ve been lucky enough to have found in the shape of Filon.

His debut gig, supporting Tennger Cavalry at the Underworld, went down a storm – and we’ve started writing for the next album, out in 2018.

Stay tuned!

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