French Letters – ‘Chronique’ reviews The Hate Plane

Thanks to Skarjay Nygma for this great review of The Hate Plane – for those of you not fluent in French, see below for a translation of his kind words…


Created in 2000, the band MaxDmyz really developed over the course of their records. Their last album “The Hate Plane” released in 2014 is the best thing they have to offer in terms of studio work. I highly recommend seeing them live though if you can, and I must tell you that this album, with 13 tracks and an hour long in total, offers an exceptionally broad range of sounds.

The first track “Cyanide” is a good way to introduce MaxDmyz’s work: a heavy sound which wavers between Heavy and Thrash metal for almost 3 minutes. The singer already shows his abilities as he goes from typically clear Heavy Metal vocals to guttural Death Metal vocals. The drums are extremely present, the guitars adds a good solo to the heavy riffs, the bass lays down a great rhythm which gets everyone in sync and the keys, while being more discrete in this song, still play a part in the background!

“Grieve” (click to see the video) is longer and more Thrash and Industrial metal orientated, with many parts that are mostly Industrial metal at times or Thrash metal at others, and also calmer parts and a kind of breakdown. There is also a short solo at the end of the song.

“Hate Injustice” is a big critique about society and doesn’t spare any area, be it political, religious, mental health and even language, everything gets its share. Twister delivers this song which contains some Nu-metal elements with a great flow.

“Nothing Ever Change” offers the noisiest intro in the album, with drummer Jamie imploding, backed with guitar and bass. A great song that works amazingly well on the balance between the heavy guitar, Twister’s voice and the drum outbursts.

“Void” is a unique song: the keyboard is more present and the singing is backed with a female voice in a mesmerizing melody that makes this an anthem to the void.

“A.K.A” is a piece on a dark romance taking place in Camden that has more thrashy elements.

“All” is the softest and the saddest song in the album, but it also includes heavy parts in which Twister fully plays out the part of the sick man this song is about.

“Zog Choffin” really reminds of the best Pantera songs, and we can clearly hear the keyboards at the end of the song.

“Side With Satan” is a very heavy song about our beloved Satan. There is an undeniable consistency between the song titles and the music with this band.

“Turncoat Soul” is another track which reminded me of Pantera due to the guitar playing at the beginning, however it then progresses to something more violent and rather thrash metal.

“First Coming”, the last track proper (the last two tracks are remixes) showcasts a fuller sound than the songs at the end. It offers a more thrashy, metally aspect, it’s heavier and slower and makes you want to headbang.

The track “Hate Injustice(Thrash) ” and the last one “Grieve” remixed by Bixie Lix conclude the album, with a very danceable electro track.

This album by MaxDmyz is fastidious , it is very elaborate and you can tell the band reached a certain level of maturity if you go by the topics covered or the different sounds used on numerous genres. If you are fan of heavy metal, thrash, of loud music in general, I urge you to go and buy this album. It has everything needed to please your eager ears!


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